What we do


A smile is extremely important to a person’s self-esteem.  At Wild About Smiles, we look forward to helping you or your child achieve a beautiful, healthy smile and the confidence that comes with it!

Our Orthodontic team uses state-of-the-art technology such as digital scanners to create 3 dimensional models of teeth without all of the messy impressions of yesteryear.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest orthodontic technology and treatment techniques to give you that luxurious smile that you deserve.

While Wild About Smiles is a pediatric dental practice, we offer orthodontics for patients of ALL ages.

Records of your dentition including digital scans, x-rays, pictures and clinical exams will be thoroughly reviewed to determine a personal treatment plan to achieve your individual needs and goals. 


Early Treatment- An initial orthodontic evaluation is recommended by the age of 7 by the American Association of Orthodontists. It is often beneficial to help correct developing growth, crossbites, habits such as thumb sucking, or tooth eruption issues in children who do not yet have all of their permanent teeth.  This is called a Phase One treatment and can include palatal expanders, limited braces and habit appliances.


Adolescent Treatment- The ages of 11-14 are considered “the golden years” for orthodontic treatment, as children in this age range are often in their growth spurt and have all of their permanent teeth.  Many of their friends will have braces at this time as well, which can help your child feel more comfortable and excited about getting that perfect smile.


Adult Treatment- You are never too old to improve your smile and self-esteem through orthodontics.  See Dr. Higgins today and get started towards the smile that you’ve always wanted!

Once we have determined the orthodontic needs, we will talk about suitable treatment options.  Although metal braces are one of the most common choices, we also offer clear ceramic braces and clear aligner treatment as more esthetic options.

Investing in your smile reaps rewards of improved self-confidence and esteem.  It is amazing to observe an initially shy child who is reluctant to smile because they don’t like the appearance of their teeth blossom with self-assurance as their smile improves. 


We are in network with many insurance providers and will work with them to determine your orthodontic benefit.  We also offer interest free financing which is spread out over the expected time period of treatment after an initial down payment.

Dr. Rob Higgins

“I absolutely love being able to have such a positive impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem by helping them achieve the beautiful smile that they deserve!”


Dr. Rob Higgins is originally from Omaha, Nebraska.  After obtaining a business degree at Nebraska Wesleyan University, he went into the music business and spent several years touring and recording while playing guitar.  Eventually, he developed a passion for mixing and producing records for a variety of music genres.

Dr. Higgins also studied at Middle Tennessee State University obtaining a degree in Science, prior to attending the University of Tennessee Health Science Center where he graduated with high honors with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.  He was indoctrinated into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society and earned several scholarships for academic achievement and leadership.  He then earned a Master of Science in Dentistry at the University of Colorado where he attended his orthodontic residency.

Dr. Higgins is immensely proud of his daughters Adalie and Miranda, and also has a Brittany Spaniel named “Mac.” In his free time he enjoys writing and producing music, playing guitar, fly fishing, and trying to improve at golf.  His favorite wild animal is the elusive Sasquatch although he is skeptical of their actual existence!